When it comes to hacking, there are a variety of different approaches that can be taken. Depending on their goals and skillset, hackers will typically fall into one of the following categories:

What are the best software of hacking


Phreakers are hackers who focus on breaking into telephone systems in order to make free calls, or to access confidential information. They typically exploit vulnerabilities in the system in order to gain access.


Hacktivists are hackers who use their skills to promote a political or social agenda. They may carry out attacks on government websites or corporations in order to make a statement.

Script Kiddies:

Script kiddies are novice hackers who rely on pre-written scripts or programs to carry out their attacks. They typically lack the skills to write their own code, so they use existing tools instead.

Grey Hat:

Grey hat hackers are a mix of both white hat and black hat hackers. They may hack for personal gain, but they also disclose any vulnerabilities they find so that they can be fixed.


Crackers are hackers who focus on breaking into systems in order to steal sensitive data or to cause damage. They typically use malicious software, or malware, to carry out their attacks.

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