How to Make Money from Celebraty Bio Website


How to make money from celebraty bio website is this posible to earn? Do you know if you searching about a selebraty age or husband or any details of celebrity you will get many site


Almost all site get Millions of Trafics (visitors) if we had a celebrity bio site we can Monitize with ads and spomotion and much more

So How We can Make Money from Celebraty bio website

All web site want content if celebrity bio website

Host our celebrity bio site

Choose any hosting provider to host our site if you want best Hosting Provider i will recement bluehost it is best for WordPress hosting you will get free domain also

Install theme

After purchasing hosting we need a theme for our site to better look use Astra for that because it is seo friendly and easy to use

What plugin need

  • Google Site kit for Google full setup
  • rankmath for seo
  • akmit for protect from scamers
  • elementor for 0age building
  • inse4 ads for ad placement

How o get Celebrity Bio Data’s

Previous step is easy but after completing that we will ourselves how will get celebrity bio datas? We so many ways to collect data!

From Celebraty Bio APIs

DO you know when we searching for a data first we want easy to get is this? Bio API providing high quality best biography data

We will not pay money to use bio API only we need one time puchase to access all information

Also they have not any limit to it means unlimited request per day

From bio site

When need a celebrity bio site you can manually to collect data from any celebrity site it will take time to collect so I prefer Bio API to get Data

How to Monitize our Celebraty bio website

  • ads
  • service
  • sponsored
  • affiliate marketing
  • ebook
  • course
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