Hello, there today i will introduce my top no investment business ideas because so many people do not have enough money to invest in business. no worries I can help you before you go to list first i who like to share an intro of how this article can help you?

there are so many ways to you can start business without investment why i am sharing this thta it is posible to start business lets begin

Top No investment business ideas

yes it is posiblle to start business without money let’s me list some of them

1. Affiliate Marketing

do you know what is affiliate marketing it a no investment business you can start this business without money some people say you can’t start without money I will show how you can!

what is affiliate marketing?

affiliate marking is when you promote someone’s product or service you can get a commission this is affiliated marketing the commitments depend on the product and service

how to get started affiliate marketing

  1. pick your niche that you can interest in product or service examples is softere , gadgets, crypto, fatoin and more
  2. create a account on affiliate programs some products or services have own affilate programs but if you can’t find product you cansearch on an affiliate market pklace there are so many affiliate networks (marketerplace) like inpact, Shareasale, click bank, amazon associate
  3. get the link there your affiliate network or program will give unique link this link can track your convention copy this link
  4. then promote it how you can promote?
How you can promote affiliate links?
  • youtube
  • blog
  • quora
  • Linkedin
  • twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

2 Youtube

yes. you heard right youtube is a business if you treat like youtube as a business I will show why youtube is best to do you know so many youtube creators earn millions of money from youtube they treat youtube as a business because there are so many ways to our can monitize your youtube channel lets me list some munition method can use on youtube

how to monetize the youtube channel

  • youtube partner program if your channel got 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours whatch time you can apply ypp
  • affiliate marking uou can start today affiate marketing without any hight subscribers
  • brand sponsered if your challel getting many views you can search or brand witll approach you to market they product on your videos
  • digital product- you cna sell your coureses and ebook on yuoutube without need many subscribers

How to Starr Youtube Cheells

  • step one create google email anld login on youtueb app or web page
  • spet tow- click your gmail icon
  • step three- click on your channel button
  • step four – fill your channel name that is

your channel is now availible you can post videos or; post on youtube now!

3. Instagram page

this is one of the no investment id3as you can start today Instagram page complitily free to create so many people doing Instagram page as a business recently Instagram announced reels fund you can make money from Instagram so many ways i will share some of them

how to make money from instagram

  • Sponsored post – you can promote other brands on your reels or pst and earn money
  • affiliate marketing – you can promote other’s products or services on your bio link and earn commission if your link generated sales
  • reel fund – this Instagram feature was recently added to Instagram you can upload reels and earn commonly through Instagram reels fund

4. Dropshipping

ya you can start dropshipping without money all drop shipper shows you have money for drop shipping but I will share how you can start dropshipping without money

what is dropshipping?

do you know selling a product that is dropshipping one difference have here that is you did not have a product to sell venter has product your job is marketing product you can change your price rant yu can change 4x normal price range you decide price here

how to promote wihtouth money dropshipping product

  • sociel medial
  • youtube video
  • blog post on medium or Linkedin

5. DroServices

do you know dropshipping is the same as drop service i wil explain there is a man that man can edit video who provides video editing service there is another man who needs a video editor for his video editng work there is you as a drop service

you will contract with video editor who will edit for you first you will get clients work who need a video editor you will charge 100 dollars you did not edit the video your video editor contractor will editor you will pay 50 dollars him this is drop services

how to start dropservice business

  • Find Best Service prodiver or freeelancer
  • find clint and manage him


all business is new you can start without any investment on this you have to mind yes there is no money needs but you are needs time need those no investment businesses

Disclosure:This blog post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of the affiliate links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support

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